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Inflatable Jumpers & More

Welcome to StrangeBounce.com! The #1 supplier for inflatable bounce houses in North America. We stock the world's highest quality bounces for both home and commercial use. Try our indoor inflatables for kids, or enjoy a movie in the backyard with our inflatable projector screen. We've got castles, jumpers, and more! Buy inflatables with confidence!.

Here at StrangeBounce.com we are dedicated to selling high quality products. We constantly make sure to work with manufacturers that have a reputation of fine products and amazing customer service. Every single day we will be adding more products to our catalogue as we move towards our ultimate goal of becoming the undisputed number 1 bounce house and party inflatables supplier in the world.

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Need help finding the right bounce house for you? We have 24/7 customer service that can take your hand and walk you through the entire process from landing on our home page to the check out window. You can be confident when dealing with StrangeBounce.com that you are dealing with some of the most dependable and professional people in the industry. Want to start your own rental business? Purchase some of the market's hottest renting attractions such as the moon bounce, our inflatable water slides, a bouncy castle. or inflatable toys. Our store is very new at the moment, however, as time goes on we will be adding:

We can't wait to bring you all of these products! If you are looking for absolutely any kind of inflatable for sale and have had no luck we highly recommend giving us a call or contacting us via our contact form as soon as possible.